Create your app

When you want to create a custom app, you have to set up the custom app metadata, such as:

  • a unique name of the custom app

  • custom app label that Make displays in the scenario editor

  • color of the app's modules

  • app icon

This page will guide you through these settings.

  1. Navigate to My Apps in the left sidebar menu in your Make account. You might have to click on the three dots at the bottom of the left sidebar to view the My apps option.

  2. You will see a list of sample custom apps. Click Create a new app in the top right corner.

  3. In the Create an app pop-up, fill in:

  • Name: The unique identifier of your custom app. Make uses the custom app name internally. Note the requirements under the text box.

  • Label: The custom app label. Make will display the custom app label in the scenario editor. You can use any characters in the custom app label.

  • Description: Description of your custom app. This field is optional.

  • Theme: The color that Make uses for your custom app modules and forms. Use the hexadecimal color code.

  • Language: The language of your custom app and its descriptions.

The language setting in the custom app is informative. Make doesn't translate the custom app descriptions.

  • Audience: This parameter has no effect currently. The custom app is accessible regardless of the user's country.

  • App icon: Upload icon. The icon upload is optional. Make will use this icon to create your custom app logo. The icon has to:

    • be a file in .png format

    • have 512 x 512 px dimensions

    • have a maximum of 512 kB size

Make processes the icon file so that:

  • All color pixels in the icon file are converted to white

  • All transparent pixels in the icon file are converted to your theme color

For detailed guidelines on how to create the app logo check the dedicated page.

If you want to update the custom app icon, navigate to your custom app settings and click Options > Edit.

  1. Click Save changes to confirm the custom app settings.

You created a custom app in Make. The next pages will guide you through setting up the app's base, connection, error handling, and modules.

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