The Introduction

So you are interested in working with us as an App developer? That's great, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our fast-growing team!

But first, let us present you with some basic information, followed by a quick test, which will give you the idea what the work is about and if it's for you. Also, it will show us that you will be able to create Apps.

You want to work with us, so you already know what Make is and what we do. But in short, Integromat is connecting various cloud services together and moving data between them with automated integrations.

Each cloud service has its own App on Make. An App is a connector to a 3rd party service, which you can use within Make and connect it to any other App.

And we want you to be creating new Apps on Integromat using our Developer Platform.

To get started, please:

  1. Create your free Integromat account here or you can use your existing account

  2. In the navigation menu on the left, click My apps

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