The Assignment

Part I: The App

The first part of your assignment will be to create a mini Integromat app. We have created a very basic API to provide some suitable test data for you to work with. This data represents real books in our imaginary bookstore.

The app should contain a Basic Auth connection and a total of two modules - one for each endpoint listed in the Bookstore API docs:

  1. The List Books module, returning basic info about all of the books that are currently in the bookstore

  2. The Get Book module, returning detailed info about a book with the chosen ID

The List Books module should enable filtering of the results by allowing the user to search for a given term and match it with the corresponding book title(s) or author name(s):

The Get Book module should provide the user with a drop-down list of all books to choose from (this list must not be hard-coded):

It should also be possible to enter the Book ID manually or have it passed on from other modules in the scenario:

Part II: The Scenarios

Now that your bookstore app is ready for the world, you can start using it in your integrations! Please create a separate scenario for each of the numbered tasks below and make sure to put your name, together with the phrase Bookstore Test, in each scenario's title. Whenever we ask you to send an email, use the Email > Send me an email module to preserve simplicity.

When creating a connection, use the credentials below:

  • Username:

  • Password: test-password

  1. Just to get you warmed up, let's start nice and slow. In the first scenario, list all the books that contain the term Visual Basic and then, for each of those books, use the Get Book module to retrieve their detailed info. Without using an error handler, make sure the scenario does not end with a warning or an error.

  2. OK, getting warmer now... It'd be great to know the number of books written in English that we currently have from each publisher. Could you help us with that? Send all the info in a single email.

  3. Well, that was a breeze... Just for kicks, let's find out which author wrote the oldest book in our bookstore and that is not in English. Once you've got the year and the author's name, send them via email.

  4. Our book collection is growing fast and we don't have time for those long-winded books that just seem to go on forever! You've got to draw a line somewhere, and for us, 400 is the magic number. We'd love it if you could let us know which books are which. Please send the list of all books with 400 pages or more altogether in one email, and the list of books less than 400 pages long in a separate email. Both emails should be sent as part of a single scenario run. For each book, include only the title and the number of pages. Oh, and did we mention we only really care about 1st editions? ;-)

And that is all! If you've gotten this far, congratulations on a job well done! Just send us the links to your finished app and all four working scenarios, and we'll get back to you as soon as our team finishes reading the books you recommended. Thank you for taking the time to dive deep into Integromat with us and we hope to meet you safe and dry on the other side!

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