Getting started

The App Academy API version 3 was developed for the practical challenge within the Custom Apps Development course. Access (username and password) can be obtained there.

Authorization flow

Step one: Obtain a new token

Before getting access to API version 3, you will need your username and password to get a new access token.

Use your application username and password to issue a request to token endpoint. You must use password grant type.

A successful request will respond with access_token, expires-in, and refresh_token parameters. Expires-in value is in minutes.

Step two: Make an API request

After obtaining the access token, you can send requests to App Academy API that contain the authorization header in this format: Bearer {access_token}.

Step three: Refresh the access token

The API provides the expires_in parameter in the token response to determine if the user's access token has expired. If it has, to obtain a new access token use the token endpoint with grant_type set to refresh_token.

Expires-in value is in minutes. To obtain a new access token and refresh token, the refresh token must not be expired!

Error handling

Error example

    "error": {
        "message": "Grant type not supported.", 
        "code": 501


App Academy API uses pagination to limit the response size for resources that return a potentially large collection of items. A request to a paged API will result in a results array wrapped in a JSON object with paging metadata, for example:

  "totalRecordsReturned": 5,
  "records": [​
      "id": "1dca6a93fcf1",
      "name": "Robert Downey Jr.",
      "createdAt": "2023-04-13T17:04:47+00:00",
      "updatedAt": "2023-04-19T17:04:47+00:00"
  • totalRecordsReturned - The number of results returned on the page.

The default (and maximum) page size in pagination is 5.

The default (and maximum) limit of retrieved records is 20.

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