Version 1 (API key)


The App Academy API version 1 uses the API Key authorization. You need the x-api-key which you can obtain in this form.


Since the App Academy API was built for educational purposes, the following types of pagination were used:

  • offset based

  • page based

  • has more items based




Each user is granted access to 6 default records that cannot be updated or deleted.

Each user can create up to 14 records, resulting in a total of 20 retrievable records.


The query (parameter q) has to be written in this format:

  • all the conditions can be grouped by operator AND

  • the value in each condition has to be enclosed in quotation marks

  • supported conditions:

    • contains

    • startsWith

    • endsWith

    • equal

  • multiple conditions can be used multiple times within one query

  • example:

contains= "Rob" AND startsWith = "Rob" AND endsWith = "Jr." AND equals = "Robert Downey Jr."





Each user can create 1 webhook.

If your detach didn't work for some reason, you can use the About endpoint to retrieve the Webhook ID assigned to your API account.


Please note that the Import endpoint does not upload or store any data. Therefore, the file you provide will not be returned or stored in the Files endpoint.

Custom Fields (movie)

Please note that values in custom fields are not stored in movie records. Therefore, the values you provide will not be returned or stored in the Movies endpoints.

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